Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally Finished Friday

Welcome to my first official "Finally Finished Friday". I am working on giving each day its very own theme so that it will inspire to me to blog more often and keep me focused on my 2014 goals. 

On Fridays I hope to share with you the projects or even better projects that I've accomplished that week. It is only the 3rd and we are currently living in a hotel waiting for my husband to finish his training and receive his official relocation. 

So with that said, having all of my crafty supplies all packed away makes it a little difficult to complete some of my UFOs. However, I do have some finishes to share with you today. Everything I got accomplished while living with my wonderful in-laws is ready and waiting. 

This Momma and Baby Bird Wallhanging with matching pot holder was my first appliqué project. I had an absolute blast learning to appliqué and foresee a lot more of these types of projects in my future. The next two pictures are close ups of my leaf shaped pot holder. 

The next project I did was a housewarming gift for a good friend. I made her a reversible table runner and matching pot holder for her beautiful new home. 

The last two projects I'm going to share are the Ribbon Christmas wreaths I made for my two amazing mother-in-laws. 

I absolutely love creating beautiful things to help makes houses into homes. I love watching or hearing their reactions when they receive my creations. They say when you love your job that you never actually work a day in your life. I totally get that now and pray that in 2014 I can really get Dixieland Crafts up and running, now that my college graduation is around the corner. 

As always if you see anything you would like for me to create for you. Please just email me at and I would love to discuss your ideas. The wreaths are $50. The table runners are $30. The pot holders are two for $10. The appliqué Wallhangings range from $40 to $60 depending on size. The Momma Bird one is $40. 

I will also start hosting giveaways and quilt alongs too. 2014 is going to be a fantastic year. Thank you so much for stopping by. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013 ~ Hello 2014

Happy New Years from me and my hard working hubby. I personally am thrilled to say goodbye to 2013. It was an extremely hard year for me. I will admit that I'm still healing and still have a long road ahead. I don't feel comfortable talking about it on here, so please understand that some things are just not appropriate for public platforms. I can tell you that my faith in God was shaken down to the very foundation but HE alone rescued me and showed me once again that trusting HIS plan for my life is always best. No matter what I feel or think. I am also honored to admit that I not only survived last year but overcame because of my loving, supportive and understanding husband. We recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and I know without a doubt that together we can accomplish any goal, climb any mountain and find our way through every valley. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my man and so thankful to have married not only my love but my friend.

Now then, I'm sorry that I have been MIA since August but that is when all "heck" broke loose in my neck of the woods. Then about a month later my wonderful hard working hubby got a promotion at work. Which lead to us selling and packing our belongings. So that he could go train for his new role as a Trainmaster. I was not in a good place and enduring four months home alone was just not possible. So my loving in-laws took me in and I got to spend a little over 100 days in West Virginia being loved and spoiled by the four most incredible in-laws a girl could ever ask for. It was so hard to be away from my love but his parents did an amazing job distracting me and keeping me busy. I got a few projects done and will do a catch up post soon. I am back with my handsome hubby, as he is suppose to graduate his training in 5 days! :D YAY \o/ So proud of him!!!

As for this post.... It is 2014 and it is time for some well deserved Fresh Starts & New Beginnings. That starts with a list of goals for the new year. Thanks to GOD, Larry and CSX we are starting the year in a new state and soon will be moving into our new apartment. So my first goal is so far my favorite and the one that excites me the most.

~2014 GOALS~
  1. Apartment into a Home
  2. Keeping a Planner/Journal *joining the Documented Life Project*
  3. Completing some of my Quilt UFO's *joining the 12 in 2014 project*
  4. Read 14 New Books
  5. Graduate South University in May 2014
  6. Find source of income to help pay off my school loans
  7. Plan a awesome "belated" 2nd Wedding Anniversary vacation
  8. Commit to Blogging more often
  9. Finish Irish Cross Stitch for cousin Colleen
  10. Finish White Tiger Cross Stitch for myself
  11. Continue Saving for New Car (carried over from 2013)
  12. Learn to make Hexies
  13. Open an Etsy Store (seems impossible but still my goal)
  14. Write a Book and See it Published
So those are my goals for this year. Some are related to my love of reading and some to my obsession with sewing and quilting. Some are personal and some are family related. However, these are all things that I would love to see accomplished in December 2014. I pray that each visitor to Dixieland Crafts is blessed with health and happiness. God Bless!!!

I'm linking up to Sarah's blog "Confessions of a Fabric Addict". Hope on over there and check out other's 2014 goals. It is full of inspiration.